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we provide OEM services these products:

Items Form Applications List Price MSRP
Ni NTA Agarose Beads Purification of 6xHis-tagged proteins $1600 USD/L
DEAE Agarose Beads weak anion-exchanger $800 USD/L
CM Agarose Beads weak cation-exchanger $1600 USD/L
Magnetic Agarose Beads Beads magnetic Agarose base with Magnetic effect  $3000 USD/L
DEAE Cellulose White microgranular slurry weak anion- exchanger $800.00 USD/kg
CM Cellulose White microgranular slurry weak cation- exchanger $1600.00 USD/kg

We offer OEM services globally, if you want to sell these products with your brand name, we can provide neutral package products or tailored services with discount prices.

Also, we welcome distributors to sell our products, we support our distributors with purchase credit line with deep discount prices, our distributors sell our products first and pay us later.

Ren Kai Biotech company, based in Shanghai, is a major protein purification media manufacturer in China focusing on protein purify technology. Our capacity is in range of thousand kgs, we are only manufacturer to offer free samples of NTA Agarose and DEAE Agarose to biotech companies globally.

Our expertise in state of art know-how provides high quality products in very cost-effective way.

Please contact us by sending message to email: novelab@yahoo.com



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